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In the world of golf, precision is the key to success. And now, SuperStroke Golf has launched a new step forward in distance measuring technology with the TXr-1000 Slope Laser Rangefinder. Designed to deliver the ultimate experience and maximum accuracy, this rangefinder promises to change the way you approach your game. Let’s find out what unique features the TXr-1000 has and why it has become the top choice in the golf community.

SuperStroke Golf TXr-1000 Slope Laser Rangefinder – Conquer Any Golf Terrain

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1. Design and First Feel

First and foremost when you grab the TXr-1000 is its solid feel and premium build quality. With its sleek design and refined lines, this rangefinder is truly a work of art. The machine is light in weight, but still ensures sturdiness, creating a comfortable feeling when held in the hand. Additionally, IPX4 waterproof protection helps it face all weather conditions, from bright sunlight to sudden rain.

2. Measure Distance Accurately

With advanced laser technology, TXr-1000 delivers high accuracy when measuring distances. The ability to measure from 5 to 1000 yards with an error of just 0.5 yards ensures you have accurate data to make strategic decisions every time. Smart Slope mode calculates the slope of the terrain, providing correction figures, and helping you easily predict your ball path on diverse terrain.

3. OLED Display Screen

The TXr-1000’s large, clear, and easy-to-read OLED display is a distinct highlight. Not only does it display data clearly, but it also provides information about the battery and usage mode. This helps you stay informed of the situation, especially in important rounds.

4. Fast Charging Lithium Polymer Battery

With a built-in lithium polymer battery, TXr-1000 not only ensures long-term use but also supports a fast charging function. You can fully charge the battery in a short time and be ready for every match without worrying about running out of battery midway.

5. Flexible Adjustability

The TXr-1000 is more than just a simple distance-measuring device. With the ability to adjust zoom and display modes, you can customize the device to your playing style and personal preferences. This makes it a powerful partner for every golfer, from beginners to golf pros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is the device waterproof?
Answer: Yes, the TXr-1000 is equipped with IPX4 waterproof protection, which helps it cope with all weather conditions.

Question 2: How long is the machine’s warranty?
Answer: SuperStroke Golf offers a 2-year warranty on the TXr-1000, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Question 3: How to charge the battery quickly?
Answer: The device is equipped with a lithium polymer battery that supports a fast charging function, helping you fully charge the battery in a short time.

Question 4: How does the Slope mode work?
Answer: Slope mode automatically calculates the slope of the terrain, providing corrections for more accurate decision-making.

Question 5: Is the display easy to read, especially in sunlight?
Answer: Yes, the large, clear OLED display makes readings convenient, even in bright sunlight.


The SuperStroke Golf TXr-1000 Slope Laser Rangefinder is more than just a distance measuring tool, it’s an innovative technology that takes golf to the next level. With its sleek design, precise measurements, and many smart features, it is an ideal partner for every golfer. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the TXr-1000 promises unlimited golf experience and reliable accuracy.
With the SuperStroke Golf TXr-1000 Slope Laser Rangefinder, precision is not just an advantage, it’s an experience. Designed to take on any challenge, this rangefinder is the perfect combination of style, quality, and performance. If you are looking for a versatile and reliable distance measurement tool, the TXr-1000 is the top choice not to be missed.

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