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In the modern, dynamic world of golf, the convenience and performance of accessories are key to your golf experience. Stripebird, with its unique design and premium materials, has created a stir in the golf community. Join us to explore Stripebird – Golf Phone Holder step by step.

Stripebird – Beats the Sense of Modernity in a Premium Golf Phone Holder

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Stripebird is more than just an ordinary phone holder; it is a masterpiece of integration and sophistication. With every line taken care of down to every little detail, this phone holder is not just an accessory, but also a symbol of convenience and aesthetics. Stripebird’s key features include its ability to hold your smartphone securely with its super-strong magnetic mechanism while ensuring stability and safety throughout every shot. High-quality waterproof and impact-resistant materials help protect your phone from all challenges on the golf course.

  • ✔ US PATENT-PENDING WITH MAXIMUM STRENGTH HOLD: The Original Golf Magnetic Phone Holder is magnetically attachable to golf carts, golf irons, and Stripebird Hub (sold separately). It uses dual Neodymium N52 magnet plates (some of the strongest rare-earth magnets).
  • ✔ UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL SMARTPHONES: The Magnetic Phone Holder has an ultra-slim profile and is expandable to fit ALL types and brands of smartphones (with or without a case).
  • ✔ VERSATILE PHOTO AND VIDEO TAKING: In both portrait and landscape mode, the Phone Holder allows you to capture your swing from down-the-line or face-on for swing analysis and improvement.
  • ✔ PHONE ACCESS AT ALL TIMES: Record scores, check the golf GPS app, and never miss an important call or text. There is no uninstalling to do – simply detach the Phone Holder from the metal surface.
  • ✔ NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED: Just insert the phone into the Phone Holder, and tighten it with a metal thumbscrew for a snug fit. Then stick it onto a metal surface such as the golf cart, golf irons, or Stripebird Hub (sold separately). It is rugged enough to keep in the golf bag and comes in a premium dust bag for easy and safe storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Stripebird compatible with all phones?
Answer: Yes, Stripebird can be adjusted to fit all phone sizes and types, from iPhones to Android phones.

Question 2: How to install and use Stripebird?
Answer: Installation is very simple, just put the phone on and adjust as desired. Use the magnetic clasps to secure and start your golfing experience without worrying about holding your phone.

Question 3: Is Stripebird sturdy enough to use on uneven golf courses?
Answer: With a super strong holding mechanism and water-resistant material, Stripebird proves to be very stable in all terrain conditions.

Question 4: Can the phone holder rotate?
Answer: Yes, Stripebird can rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to adjust your viewing angle without losing focus.

Question 5: Does Stripebird have a warranty?
Answer: Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on Stripebird, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.


Stripebird, a unique golf phone holder, takes the golf experience to the next level. With a powerful magnet mechanism and waterproof and shockproof material, it creates stability and safety for the phone in all golf conditions. Stripebird’s unparalleled flexibility and integration enhance the golf experience without disrupting concentration.
Stripebird is not only a high-quality product, but also a symbol of innovation in the golf industry. With its adaptability and top-notch build quality, the Stripebird is the perfect choice for golf enthusiasts who want to combine aesthetics and functionality. In this format, Stripebird is not just a phone holder, but a powerful partner on the golf course, providing a great and endlessly engaging golf experience.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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