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In today’s competitive golf world, choosing the right putter is extremely important. PowerBilt Golf has gradually asserted its position with the TPS X-Type product line, and among them, the B-100 Blade Putter has attracted the attention of many golfers. With its commitment to precision and control, is this club really worth the investment? Let us find out in this review.

A Reputable Choice: PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type B-100 Blade Putter Review

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The PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type B-100 Blade Putter is not simply ordinary, but it is also a symbol of thoroughness and sophistication in design. From the meticulous way the club head is machined to the choice of high-quality materials, every detail of this club demonstrates PowerBilt Golf’s dedication and dedication to creating a superior product.

The blade-style club head is not only a traditional design choice but also offers incredible flexibility and control to the player. With a compact and elegant club head, golfers can easily feel each shot and adjust the ball direction most accurately. The combination of stainless steel material and advanced machining technology creates an extremely sturdy and reliable clubhead, helping players feel more confident every time they put the club on the court.

Not only stopping at appearance design, the PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type B-100 Blade Putter also focuses on improving users’ golf performance. The weight system is meticulously distributed across the club, from clubhead to grip, creating a balanced and stable feel on every shot. This not only helps players easily control the direction and force of their shots but also helps optimize the power and accuracy of each shot.

In particular, using the B-100 Blade Putter is not just for experienced golfers. Whether you are a beginner or have been playing golf for a long time, this club is an ideal tool to improve your game. Its versatility and ease of use help players quickly adapt and feel comfortable on the course, thereby creating memorable and inspiring golf experiences.

With the PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type B-100 Blade Putter, achieving perfection in every shot is no longer a distant dream. The combination of sophisticated design, high-quality materials, and outstanding performance make this putter a trusted companion on the golf course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What type of putter is this putter suitable for?
Answer: PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type B-100 Blade Putter is a blade-style putter, suitable for players who want to feel flexibility and responsiveness in every shot.

Question: What is the material used to make this putter?
Answer: This putter is made from premium materials, providing a sturdy and stable feel during the stroke.

Question: How is the putter’s weight system designed?
Answer: The weight is distributed evenly on the stick, creating a feeling of balance and stability, helping players easily control their swing.

Question: Does this putter help improve stroke technique?
Answer: The flexible and stable feel of this putter helps players gain more confidence and be able to improve their technique over time.

Question: Is the B-100 Blade Putter suitable for all golfers?
Answer: With a simple but modern design and flexible hitting feel, this putter can serve both beginners and experienced golfers.


PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type B-100 Blade Putter is not just a regular putter, but also a powerful tool that helps players improve their technique and achieve the most accurate shots on the golf course. With a simple yet modern design and perfect balance in weight, this is a prestigious choice for every golfer.
In a competitive golf market, the PowerBilt Golf TPS X-Type B-100 Blade Putter stands out for the ultimate precision and control it delivers. For those looking for a reliable putter to improve their game on the golf course, this is a worthy choice.

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