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Golf is no longer a game limited to large golf courses. With the arrival of PHIGOLF World Tour Edition – Home Golf Simulator, you can now experience the joy of golf anytime, anywhere, right in your own space. In this review, we’ll take you deep into the magical world of bringing golf home and explore the unique features of the PHIGOLF World Tour Edition.

Explore the World of Golf at Home with PHIGOLF World Tour Edition – Home Golf Simulator

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PHIGOLF World Tour Edition is not just an ordinary Home Golf Simulator, but a door to the diverse world of golf and enjoy the fun of this sport at all times. With advanced technology, classy design, and authentic experience, PHIGOLF gives players the feeling of being on a real golf course. Join us to start the journey to discover PHIGOLF World Tour Edition.

  • ULTRA-REALISTIC GOLF PLAY WITH SMART SENSOR: The motion sensor attached at the end of the club reads your swing, relays the swing data into the golf simulator software (Phigolf World Tour Edition app), and our swing analyzer algorithm projects the trajectory you will see if the ball was struck by your swing. The Phigolf sensor may even be inserted into your golf clubs for indoor training or simulated golf.
  • 3D DATA-ANALYSIS SYSTEM TO HELP SWING TEMPO & ACHIEVE SWING CONSISTENCY: The analysis helps you understand how you play, find your tempo with effective feedback, and improve your swing. Phigolf also provides various training programs, such as swing analysis and putting-posture analysis. You can visually check head speed, swing frequency, club path, face angle, and shot distance data. You will have a better range of motion and more accurate consistency.
  • 38,000+ ACTUAL GOLF COURSES WORLD: Phigolf World Tour Edition gives you direct access to your country club, the city links, plus 38,000+ golf courses around the world. Phigolf World Tour Edition is a home golf simulator that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. Each course is exactly measured by GPS mapping of L1 Technologies.
  • PLAY ANYWHERE ANYTIME: The mobile golf simulator and 9-axis motion sensor offer users live 3D analysis of swinging, chipping, driving, and putting. Receive live feedback on head speed, swing tempo, club path, face angle, attack angle, and estimated distance. Compact and weighted training stick – perfect for swinging in tighter spaces and the inbuilt weighted mechanism makes it feel like you’re swinging a real golf club.
  • CONNECT WITH AVID GOLFERS WORLD: Connect with like-minded individuals remotely via the online Phigolf World Tour Edition platform. Play head-to-head rounds with golfers across the globe or take part in our monthly tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How does PHIGOLF World Tour Edition create an authentic golf experience?
Answer: PHIGOLF uses sensors and 3D technology to track golf club movement and swing, creating the most realistic experience possible.

Question 2: Can PHIGOLF play on every golf course in the world?
Answer: That’s right, PHIGOLF World Tour Edition offers a diverse collection of golf courses from around the world, from famous courses to hidden gems.

Question 3: How to connect PHIGOLF to other devices such as TVs or computers?
Answer: You can connect PHIGOLF World Tour Edition to various devices via Bluetooth or HDMI cable, helping you enjoy a greater experience.

Question 4: Does PHIGOLF support new players or is it only for experienced golfers?
Answer: Designed with a user-friendly interface, PHIGOLF is suitable for both beginners and experienced golfers.

Question 5: How to update new golf courses on PHIGOLF World Tour Edition?
Answer: PHIGOLF provides regular updates to add new golf courses and improve the player experience.


PHIGOLF World Tour Edition is a unique Home Golf Simulator that offers a realistic golf experience at home. With advanced technology and interactivity, this product is not only entertainment but also a door to the diverse world of golf. Players can enjoy the experience of standing on a real golf course with a variety of courses around the world.
PHIGOLF World Tour Edition not only brings golf home but also brings the world of golf closer to you. The authenticity, interactivity, and variety of the product help create an experience that is not only exciting for experienced golfers but is also a great way to introduce golf to newbies. With PHIGOLF, golf is no longer a privilege on the golf course, but a joy anytime, anywhere.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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