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On the golf course, every moment matters, and precision in every measurement is the key to success. MiLESEEY GPF12 Range Finder Golf with Slope is more than just an ordinary distance measuring device, but a powerful partner that provides versatility and high performance on every golf hole. Join us to explore the unique features and experiences that this rangefinder brings in the detailed review below.

MiLESEEY GPF12 Range Finder Golf with Slope – When Precision Meets Flexibility on the Golf Course

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At first sight, GPF12 attracts with its neat and beautiful design. The sturdy grip and light weight create a comfortable feeling when used. The display is large, clear, and the adjustable backlight mode makes data easy to read in all lighting conditions.

  • ⛳PROFESSIONAL RANGEFINDER FOR GOLFING – MiLESEEY 656 yards Laser golf rangefinder devices developed with TOF (Time of Flight) technology and angle slope compensation provides accurate angel-compensated distance for uphill and downhill shots, features a slope switch that can let you turn off the slope function anytime you want, making your tournament legal. Flag-Lock, distance/angle measurement; Perfect rangefinder for Golf, hunting, engineering measurements, and outdoor activities.
  • 🚩FAST PIN-SEEKING FLAG LOCKING & VIBRATION PULSE TECHNOLOGY – Our precise Golf Rangefinder with Pin Seeking can quickly scan and lock the nearest target range accuracy, allowing you to lock onto a flag up to 300 yards away and will emit a short vibrating “burst ” when the laser locks onto the pin to confirm you have the correct distance.
  • ⛳RELIABLE ACCURACY & CLEAR VIEW – MiLESEEY range finder golf with accuracy reach up to: ±0.5 yards (other rangefinders can only reach ±1 yard), please make sure to aim at the target correctly, measures up to 656 yards, 6X magnification, Eyepiece with adjustable Focal length and diopter ±5D-It can be observed directly without eyeglasses for Myopia or hyperopia within 500 degrees. 7° wider field of clear view with a coated lens with fully multi-coated can give you a clearer and more accurate measurement
  • ⛳MAGNETIC & PORTABLE – Wrapped with a metal body and non-slip environmental soft rubber gives you a thoughtful and comfortable user experience; Portable rangefinder with compact size(4.33*2.83*1.77inch), Lightweight (0.46lb) with built-in magnetic technology makes attaching the golf range finder right on a golf cart bar, you can carry your range finder golfing more conveniently. Suitable for carrying while playing golf, hunting, and doing outdoor activities with a premium carrying pouch with a hook
  • ⛳SAFETY and SUPPORT – MiLESEEY GPF12 laser rangefinder is a Class 1 laser and eye safety certificated with FDA, laser tape: 905nm,<1mW. What you will get: 1x laser golf rangefinder, 1x certificate of conformity, 1x premium carrying pouch with hook, 1x cleaning cloth, 1x USB charging cable, 1x user manual; lifetime customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to switch Slope mode?
Answer: Switching to Slope mode is easy via the adjustment button located below the rangefinder.

Question 2: Can PinSeeker and JOLT be turned on and off?
Answer: Yes, you can turn PinSeeker and JOLT modes on and off depending on your usage needs.

Question 3: Is GPF12 waterproof?
Answer: This rangefinder is not designed to be waterproof, so use in heavy rain should be avoided.

Question 4: How long does the GPF12 warranty last?
Answer: Usually, GPF12 comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

Question 5: Is the backlight brightness level adjustable?
Answer: Yes, you can adjust the backlight brightness to match the ambient light conditions.


MiLESEEY GPF12 Range Finder Golf with Slope is more than just an ordinary distance measuring tool, but a powerful partner that brings flexibility and accuracy on the golf course. With a clean design, smart Slope feature, and accurate distance measurement, the GPF12 fully meets the needs of golfers of all levels.
If you are looking for a versatile and accurate rangefinder, the MiLESEEY GPF12 is a choice worth considering. The smart Slope feature and flexible distance measuring capabilities along with the convenient design make this rangefinder a powerful ally for every golfer. The versatility and consistent performance of the GPF12 make it stand out in the market and provide a unique experience for those who want to improve their golf game.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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