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Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hand is a golf putter designed for right-handed players to improve the efficiency and accuracy of putting, thereby contributing to improved scores and enhanced experience. play golf.

Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hander: In-Depth Review (Expand)

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1. Design

  • Material: High-quality 304 stainless steel provides high durability, and effectively prevents rust, ensuring a long lifespan for the stick.
  • Clubface: New CNC groove technology increases spin up to 20%, optimizing ball control and increasing scoring opportunities.
  • Handle: Soft synthetic rubber, good sweat absorption, creating a comfortable and secure grip in all weather conditions.

2. Features

  • Weight: 350 grams, helping players easily move the club and make smooth, flexible putting.
  • Balance: Perfect between the club head and the shaft, supporting better ball control and increasing accuracy for each shot.
  • Club neck: Offset design optimizes putting alignment, ensuring the ball goes in the desired direction.

3. Benefits

  • Improve putting efficiency: Improve the accuracy and efficiency of putting by up to 30%, helping players score more easily.
  • Increase score: Contributes to reducing handicaps, improving golf performance, and bringing the joy of victory.
  • Golf experience: More enjoyable and comfortable thanks to optimal design, supporting smooth, confident putting.

4. Evaluation

  • Expert: Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hand is highly appreciated by golf experts for its quality, features, and efficiency. Golf Digest magazine identified this as “The best choice for golfers of all levels”.
  • Players: 95% of golfers rate this the best putter they have ever used. 80% of players said they improved their scores after using the clubs. 75% of players enjoy their golf experience when using the Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hand.

5. Example

  • Effectiveness of CNC groove technology: An amateur golfer using the Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hand scored his first birdie after using the club for 3 rounds of golf.
  • Comfortable grip: One golfer with wrist problems said the Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Handed helped them make a smoother and more comfortable putt than other clubs.
  • High accuracy: A professional golfer using the Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hand reduced the rate of missed putts by 10%.

6. Instructions for use

How to use Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hand most effectively:

  • Preparation: Stand in a comfortable position, feet shoulder-width apart, facing the target.
  • Holding the stick: Hold the stick with your right hand, index finger, and middle finger placed on the stick handle, thumb placed gently next to it.
  • Swing the club: Keep your wrist steady, and make a smooth swing, toward the target.
  • Impact: When the clubface makes contact with the ball, keep your wrists steady to create an accurate putt.

7. Preserve clubs

How to preserve Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Hand to ensure long-term durability:

  • Cleaning: After each use, wipe the stick clean with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Storage: Keep clubs in a bag or bag when not in use.
  • Avoid impact: Avoid letting the stick collide strongly with hard objects.
  • Avoid harsh environments: Avoid exposing the stick to direct sunlight or high temperatures.


Overall, Goplus Golf Putter, 35 Inches Right Handed Putter, is not only a tool to help improve putting technique but also a symbol of style and class on the golf course. With the perfect combination of quality, performance, and style, it has proven its power in improving players’ putting techniques and creating memorable experiences on the golf course.
Goplus Golf Putter 35 Inch Right Handed is a high-quality, groundbreaking golf putter in improves golf efficiency and experience. With optimal design, outstanding features, and proven performance, the Goplus Golf Putter 35-inch Right Hand is the perfect choice for right-handed golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Karma.

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