Review EosVision Rangefinder with Slope for Golf & Hunting


The EosVision Rangefinder with Slope is not just a simple distance-measuring tool, but a powerful companion for golfers and hunting enthusiasts. In this review, we’ll discuss the power of the EosVision, from its unique Slope feature to its ability to multitask on the field and in the woods.

EosVision Rangefinder with Slope: When Precision Combines with Coordination on the Golf Course and Hunting

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EosVision is not only beautiful in design but also a breakthrough in rangefinder technology. Slope feature, helps players and hunters easily measure distance with adjustment for the slope of the terrain.

  • Pro-Level Accuracy: With an impressive accuracy of +/- 0.5 yards, you can confidently pinpoint targets with precision during golfing and hunting expeditions. With a wide range of up to 1000 yards, and the flagpole locking feature supporting distances up to 300 yards, our rangefinder ensures accurate measurements whether you’re engaged in hunting, golfing, or any outdoor activity.
  • Capture Details in the Distance: Discover a new level of clarity with 6x magnification which allows you to experience unparalleled visibility that reveals every object in stunning detail. and When you lock onto the battery, the rangefinder provides vibrating feedback to ensure accuracy.
  • Game-Changer in Accuracy and Speed: Precise slope angle compensation allows you to get distance readings accurately and choose the perfect club for your shots. Powered by Pulse Acquisition technology to send a vibrating pulse and flashing red ring so you can know exactly when the laser locks on the battery. No more guesswork when measuring distance even on hilly terrain.
  • Multiple Range Modes: This rangefinder delivers accurate range readings with line of sight distance, horizontal distance, and slope angle so you can hit the target with confidence whether you’re using a bow or rifle. This rangefinder comes with Golf / BRD / Scan modes that allow you to target objects when on hilly or undulating terrain or continuously range targets as you sweep across the landscape. Elevate your golf and hunting game.
  • Easy to Use: Designed with ease of use in mind, this rangefinder features an iP65 rating and a transflective LCD display. Perfect for first-time users, the intuitive controls make it incredibly easy to operate. Simply point and shoot, and the rangefinder will quickly and accurately measure the distance to your target.
  • What You Get: 2 years worry-free quality warranty, and 12 response time lifetime email support. Package includes EV-LR1000 rangefinder x1, CR2 Battery x, Lanyard x1, Portable Carry Bag x1, User Manual x1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to use the Slope feature on EosVision?
Answer: You can turn the Slope feature on or off using the control button on the rangefinder.

Question 2: Can EosVision be used for both golf and hunting?
Answer: Yes, the EosVision is designed to meet the needs of both golfers and hunting enthusiasts.

Question 3: How long can the EosVision battery last?
Answer: The battery can last for multiple rounds and hunting trips and is easily replaceable.

Question 4: How to adjust the brightness of the display?
Answer: You can easily adjust the brightness of the screen to your liking.

Question 5: Is there an eye protection feature on the EosVision?
Answer: Yes, the rangefinder is designed with an eye protection mode to reduce glare from entering the eyes.


The EosVision Rangefinder with Slope is a multi-function rangefinder with a beautiful design and unique features, for both golfers and hunting enthusiasts. With accurate distance measurement, Slope feature, and water resistance, it is a powerful ally in all conditions.
EosVision Rangefinder with Slope is not just an ordinary distance-measuring tool, but a powerful assistant for players and hunters. With its combination of technological precision and refined design, it is an excellent choice, delivering an unrivaled experience on the golf course and on safari.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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