Review Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack, Black


On the golf course, every shot is a challenge, and accuracy is the deciding factor between winning and losing. The Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack, Black is more than just a rangefinder, it’s a symbol of performance and style on every course. Join us to explore this journey through the detailed review below.

Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack, Black – Conquer Every Peak with Precision and Style

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The Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack, Black is more than just a distance measuring tool, it is a symbol of the combination of precision and classy design. Designed in classy black, this rangefinder is not only a useful tool but also a fashion accessory on the golf course. Accuracy is the most outstanding strength of the Bushnell Golf Tour V5. Using PinSeeker with JOLT technology, this rangefinder provides high accuracy and vibration notification when you have locked on to your target. The clear and easy-to-read display helps you quickly get the information you need.

  • [BUSHNELL] is the undisputed top choice of PGA Tour Professionals and Amateur golfers alike. Trust the company that created the product category and has been leading innovation ever since.
  • [MOUNTING] BITE Magnetic Cart Mount allows you to use the integrated BITE magnet to keep your Laser Rangefinder right where you need it. Secure and ready to grab on the side of your cart.
  • [VISUAL JOLT & PINSEEKER] Know exactly when you’ve hit the pin, with vibrating pulses and a flashing red ring — for confirmation you can see and feel when the laser locks in.
  • [OPTICAL CLARITY] 6x magnification, Multi-Coated lenses, definition, and vivid color combine for a difference you’ll see in both your sightline and your handicap.
  • [YARDAGE CAPABILITIES] 5 – 1,300 yard range, with Yards and Meters options. 1-yard accuracy, 400 yards to the flag range. Giving you the performance you need to tackle any course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to use PinSeeker with JOLT technology on Bushnell Golf Tour V5?
Answer: When the rangefinder senses a target, it will vibrate and display the JOLT icon on the screen to notify you that you have locked onto the target.

Question 2: Is the Rangefinder waterproof?
Answer: Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack is lightly water resistant, ensuring stable operation in harsh weather conditions.

Question 3: How long is the rangefinder’s battery life?
Answer: The battery can last for many rounds of golf and can be easily replaced.

Question 4: Can Rangefinders be used on all types of golf courses?
Answer: Yes, the Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack is suitable for all types of golf courses and terrain.

Question 5: How to adjust measurement units on the rangefinder?
Answer: You can easily change between meter and yard measurement units as you like.


Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack, Black is not only a distance measuring tool but also a symbol of precision and style. With its classy design and smart features, it’s an important part of your golf outfit.
Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack, Black not only helps you measure distance accurately but is also a powerful companion on the golf course. With efficiency and style, this is the perfect choice to enhance your golf experience.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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