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In the world of golf, choosing a club bag is an indispensable part. Among hundreds of choices, the Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag stands out with its lightness, convenience and durability. Please join us in exploring this product in detail through the review below.

Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag: The ideal partner for every golfer!

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I. Lightweight and convenient design:

1. High-density woven 600D nylon material:

  • Durability: Tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, can withstand heavy loads.
  • Waterproof: Protects clubs and accessories from rain, fog, and high humidity.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipe with a damp cloth.

2. High quality YKK zipper:

  • Smooth zipper: Opens/closes easily, no worries about jams or leaks.
  • High durability: Withstands many pulls, and does not break or break easily.
  • Waterproof: Protects contents from rain.

3. Weight only 1.95kg:

  • 30% lighter than conventional golf bags: Reduces load on shoulders and back, helping to move easily.
  • Suitable for all people: Beginners, female players, people with neck and shoulder problems.

4. Softly padded shoulder strap:

  • Increased comfort: Reduces pressure on the shoulders, helping to move for a long time without fatigue.
  • Adjustable length: Suitable for all body shapes and personal preferences.

5. Soft rubber handle:

  • Firm grip: No worries about slipping, ensuring safety for sticks and accessories.
  • Increased grip: Helps grip easily, even when hands are sweaty.

For example:

Material: You can safely use the Orlimar bag in all weather conditions, from intense heat to heavy rain and wind, without worrying about damaged sticks and accessories. High-density woven 600D nylon material will protect your belongings safely.
Zipper: Smooth-operating YKK zippers make it easy to open and close the bag, even when you’re wearing gloves.
Weight: Thanks to its lightweight, you can carry the Orlimar bag anywhere, from the golf course to the practice area, without feeling heavy. You can comfortably move and focus on playing golf without worrying about shoulder or back strain.
Shoulder strap: A comfortable shoulder strap helps you move comfortably throughout your golf day. You can adjust the shoulder strap length to fit your body shape.
Handle: The rubber handle gives you a secure grip, even when your hands are sweaty. You can easily move the Orlimar bag without worrying about it slipping.

II. Spacious capacity:

1. Main compartment:

  • Contains 4 Pitch ‘n Putt golf clubs: Suitable for simple golf needs, practice, or playing on par 3 courses.
  • Holds 12 golf balls: Enough for a standard round of golf.
  • Contains 1 box of tees: Helps you easily tee the ball when playing golf.
  • Contains 1 set of ball markers: Helps you keep track of your ball on the golf course.

2. 2 small sub-compartments:

  • Store personal items: For example: phone, wallet, keys, sunscreen, hat, scarf.
  • Helps you arrange your furniture neat and tidy.

3. Soft velvet lining:

  • Protects golf clubs from scratches and damage.
  • Helps keep the golf club steady in the bag, limiting impact.

For example:

You can carry all the gear you need for a round of Pitch ‘n Putt golf with just one Orlimar bag.
The spacious main compartment makes it easy to take out and store golf clubs.
Two small extra compartments help you organize your personal items neatly.
The soft velvet lining will protect your golf clubs from scratches and damage.

3. Fashion style:

1. Modern and youthful design:

  • Suitable for all ages and styles.
  • Make an impression on the golf course.

2. Various colors:

  • Black, blue, gray, red: Suitable for personal preference.
  • Easily coordinated with golf outfits.

3. The Orlimar logo is delicately embroidered:

  • Increase the aesthetics of the bag.
  • Shows brand class.

For example:

  • The Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag has a modern and youthful design, suitable for all ages and styles.
  • You can choose colors that suit your personal preferences and golf attire.
  • The Orlimar logo is delicately embroidered on the bag, creating a luxurious and classy highlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many golf clubs can this bag hold?
Answer: Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag can hold about 6-7 golf clubs, enough for a typical round of golf.

Question: Can this bag be used in harsh weather conditions?
Answer: With waterproof and sturdy fabric, this bag is perfectly suitable for use in all weather conditions, from hot sun to drizzle.

Question: Do I need to install additional feet to support the bag when I put it down?
Answer: No, the Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag has an automatic stand feature when placed down, eliminating the need to install an additional stand.

Question: Does this bag have separate compartments to organize clubs?
Answer: Yes, this bag is designed with separate compartments so you can organize your clubs neatly and conveniently.

Question: Can this bag be folded to save storage space?
Answer: Yes, the Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag folds easily to save storage space when not in use.


Overall, the Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag not only brings convenience and convenience to every golfer but is also a symbol of lightness, sturdiness, and quality. With its smart design, auto-standing feature, and durable materials, this bag is a great choice for any golf enthusiast.
If you are looking for a reliable golf bag, the Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag is a top choice not to be missed. Order today to experience the convenience and quality this bag brings!

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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