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On the journey to explore the golf course, convenience and efficiency are not only a desire but also a deciding factor. Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder at My Golfing Store is not just a simple accessory but also a unique highlight, helping you enhance your golf experience. Join us in admiring the unique features and experiences of this accessory in the detailed review below.

My Golfing Store Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder – Enhance Your Golf Experience with a Unique Highlight

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Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder at My Golfing Store is not just an accessory, but an indispensable companion for golfers. At first sight, what attracts attention is the soft design and high-quality materials, creating a luxurious and professional feel. One of the unique features of this Magnet is its water and shock resistance, helping to protect your Rangefinder against harsh conditions throughout your golf journey. You can comfortably use Rangefinder without worrying about weather or terrain conditions.

  • Highly Adjustable and Easy to Use: Made for functionality, style, and durability, the slim velcro band of our scope mount is slimmer than other range finder straps and easily adjustable, ensuring your golf range finder is always within arms’ reach. A great addition to your golf accessories for easier golfing.
  • Powerful Magnetic Holder: This rangefinder magnetic strip sticks to any metal surface with a tight, secure grip and will absorb shocks, and withstand bumpy cart rides, sharp turns, and sudden stops. It can be securely attached to golf cart rails, golf wedges and push carts.
  • Stylish and Minimalistic: Our magnet holder is designed for zero interference with buttons and other functionalities of the rangefinders for golfing or other golf gadgets. Its high-quality elastic material and velcro locking system eliminate the need for a buckle-and-hook system.
  • Fits All Standard Golf Rangefinders: Our bar magnets for the Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder are compatible with all other standard-sized golf rangefinders on the market. One of the most useful golf cart accessories that you can give yourself or your golfing buddies.
  • Your Satisfaction is Our Priority: We want to help aspiring golfers train and reach their maximum potential by shaving several strokes off their game. That’s why we offer lifetime customer support and a 180-day return policy for our golf accessories, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Are accessories suitable for all Rangefinders?
Answer: Usually, Magnet is designed to fit a variety of Rangefinder types, ensuring flexibility and convenience for players.

Question 2: How to install Magnet easily?
Answer: Detailed instructions and the use of magnets make installation easy and quick.

Question 3: Does the Magnet hold the Rangefinder tightly throughout the round?
Answer: Designed with powerful magnets, the Magnet holds the Rangefinder tightly even during powerful blows and fast movements.

Question 4: Is Magnet’s material highly durable?
Answer: Usually made from high-quality materials, Magnets are often durable and long-lasting, ensuring long-term use.

Question 5: Is Magnet waterproof and shockproof?
Answer: Yes, many Magnets are designed with waterproof and shockproof materials to protect the Rangefinder from the elements.


Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder at My Golfing Store is not just a simple accessory, but a unique highlight that brings convenience and style to the player’s golf experience. With its luxurious design, high-quality materials, and water and shock resistance, Magnet becomes an indispensable companion for every situation on the golf course.
If you are looking for a unique and quality accessory for your Rangefinder, the Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder at My Golfing Store is the perfect choice. Not only does it hold your device securely, but it also adds a fun touch to your golf experience. With water and shock resistance, the Magnet is a reliable companion on every court.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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