Golf Courses in Countries Outside of North America


Golf is one of the sports that requires technique, patience, and a high competitive spirit. And if you’re a golf lover, you’ve probably had many great experiences on golf courses in North America. However, join us on a journey of discovery through famous and unique golf courses around the world, where you will have the opportunity to experience attractive and challenging holes. Join us to immerse yourself in the world of golf in countries outside North America and enjoy the wonderful experiences they bring.

The World’s Top Golf Holes

1. Golf St. Andrews, Scotland – Hole number 17, “Nightmare Hole”

Golf course St. Andrews in Scotland is one of the legendary destinations for golfers around the world. Among them, hole number 17, also known as “Nightmare Hole”, is one of the scariest and most emotional holes. With vast blue ocean views and strong ocean breezes, this hole is truly a challenge for any player.

2. Banff Springs Golf Course, Canada – Hole number 4, “The Goose Hole”

In Canada, Banff Springs Golf Course is one of the most beautiful and unique golf courses, located in the Banff National Reserve. Hole number 4, also known as “The Goose Hole”, is located in a natural paradise with Rocky Mountains and a vast blue lake. Banff Springs Golf Course has attracted the attention of many famous golfers.

3. Old Head Golf Course, Ireland – Hole number 12, “Top Hole”

In Ireland, the Old Head golf course is located on a peninsula in the south and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Hole number 12, also known as the “Top Hole”, takes players to a unique experience with lush green lawns and impressive views. This is truly a great golf course for you to challenge yourself.

4. Royal Melbourne Golf Course, Australia – Hole number 3, “Railway Hole”

Moving to Australia, Royal Melbourne Golf Course is famous for hole number 3, called “The Railway Hole.” This is a challenging hole, with weeds and obstacles that give it its name. If you want to try your hand at golf in Australia, don’t miss Royal Melbourne.

5. Le Touessrok Golf Course, Mauritius – Hole number 17, “Concert Hole”

Finally, we come to the paradise island of Mauritius in the Atlantic Ocean. Le Touessrok golf course is famous for hole number 17, also known as the “Concert Hole.” With its blue ocean views and vibrant music, this hole is a unique and emotional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to set tee times at golf courses outside North America?
Answer: To book tee times at golf courses in countries outside North America, you should contact the golf course directly or use online scheduling services.

Question 2: Is it necessary to carry a passport when playing golf in countries outside of North America?
Answer: Authorities and regulations may vary by country. Some countries may require you to carry your passport or other identification when playing golf. Please check before you schedule.

Question 3: How much does it cost to play golf at these famous courses?
Answer: Golf prices at famous courses are often quite high, depending on the golf course and when you play. Check prices and offers before booking.

Question 4: Are there any international tournaments taking place at these golf courses?
Answer: Famous golf courses often organize international tournaments, attracting the participation of top golfers around the world. This provides a great opportunity for you to follow top golf events.

Question 5: What hotels and resorts are available near these golf courses?
Answer: Many famous golf courses have luxury hotels and resorts near the area. Learn about accommodation options and book in advance for the best experience.


The golf course is not only a place to show off your technique and shot but also an opportunity for you to explore beautiful and unique lands around the world. Famous golf courses in countries outside North America not only bring top golf experiences but also unforgettable memories and emotions. Get ready for a journey of discovery and challenge yourself on these special holes.
Golf courses in countries outside North America are not only a place for you to show off your golf skills, but also an opportunity for you to explore beautiful and unique lands around the world. Join us on a memorable golf journey and enjoy the ultimate golf experience at these famous golf courses. Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of golf and feel the beautiful golf courses that contain many different emotions.
If you are a golf enthusiast or are looking for a new form of entertainment, challenge yourself by playing golf in countries outside of North America. This is a great opportunity for you to explore the world, enjoy emotions, and create memorable memories. Plan your golf journey today on top-notch holes around the world.

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