Golf and the Journey of Developing Playing Styles


Golf is not only a sport but also a delicate art. In recent times, the development of playing styles in golf has attracted the attention of the golf community and professionals. From traditional players with a “stiff hand” to “free-playing” players, golf is experiencing a significant innovation.

Journey From “Hard Hands” To “Free Play”

1. Hard Hand: Tradition and Precision

In the past, golfers often aimed for great precision and control. The “hard hand” playing style focuses on keeping the body rigid and controlling every move. Players will focus on bringing the club back evenly, ensuring that each shot is consistent and highly accurate.
However, with the advancement of time and changes in the way golf is viewed, many golfers have begun to seek more flexibility and freedom in how they approach the game.

2. Free Play: Innovation and Creativity

“Free play” is a new style of play that challenges traditional stereotypes and opens up more creative opportunities. Players of this style often focus on developing their natural skills and embrace individualized methods. Instead of keeping their body rigid, they often allow it to be more flexible, taking advantage of their natural strength to create powerful and effective shots.
The development of technology and media has played a key role in creating this change. Modern golfers can easily access information and knowledge about new playing methods, helping them expand their knowledge and apply positive changes to their game.

3. Personal Journey: Finding the Right Playing Style

Every golfer has a personal journey to finding the playing style that suits them. There are those who play traditionally, adhering to the classic principles of golf, while others are exploring creativity and freedom.
Most importantly, the development of playing styles in golf is not only about technique but also about psychology and thinking. Players are realizing the value of combining control and freedom, creating a unique and personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is “hard hand” and “free play” golf?
Answer: “Stiff hand” golf is the traditional style, focusing on precision and control, keeping the body rigid. In contrast, “free play” golf is innovative, exploring flexibility and creativity, and encouraging players to develop natural and individualized skills.

Question 2: Why are golfers moving from “stiff hand” to “free play”?
Answer: This change reflects the development of the times and easy access to information. Today’s players have the ability to learn and apply new knowledge quickly, encouraging them to make changes to optimize their golf experience.

Question 3: How have technology and communication influenced the development of golf?
Answer: Technology and media provide a constant source of information about new playing methods, helping players expand their knowledge and apply positive changes to their playing style.

Question 4: Why are flexibility and freedom important in golf?
Answer: Flexibility and freedom help players focus on developing natural skills, and creating powerful and effective shots. At the same time, it opens up creative and unique aspects of the game.

Question 5: How is golf a personal journey?
Answer: Each player has their personal journey in finding the right playing style. The combination of control and freedom creates a unique and personal style while promoting the player’s continued growth in the world of golf.


Golf is not just about putting the ball in the hole, it is also about development and creativity in the way you play. From “hard hand” to “free play,” each style of play offers a new perspective on the game and challenges players to maximize their skills. Let golf continue to be a journey of discovery and innovation, bringing constant joy and challenge to the golf community around the world.

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