Exploring Hidden Gems and Lesser-Known Destinations


The United States, famous for its natural beauty, diverse culture, and great golf potential, offers a diverse selection for golf and travel lovers. Often, when we talk about golf in the United States, we think of famous destinations like Pebble Beach in California or Augusta National in Georgia. However, there are many lesser-known golf destinations where you can try out an exciting golf experience without having to wait in long lines. In this article, we will guide you to discover “hidden gems” and little-known golf destinations in the United States.

Golf Tourism in the USA

1. Bandon Dunes, Oregon

If you’re a golf lover, you’ve certainly heard about Bandon Dunes in Oregon. With 5 excellent golf courses attached to Thai Binh beach and white sand beaches, Bandon Dunes has attracted the attention of top golfers from around the world. The pristine landscapes and difficult challenges of the golf courses here have made this place a favorite destination for true golf enthusiasts.

2. Whistling Straits, Wisconsin

Whistling Straits in Wisconsin is famous for its Monsoon Control golf course. This place has enchanting scenery with waterholes and mountains in the distance. Each golf hole at Whistling Straits has its own name and story, creating a unique experience for golfers.

3. Streamsong Resort, Florida

Streamsong Resort in Florida is a golf treasure waiting to be discovered. With three golf courses created from old phosphate mining, this place has transformed from an industrial location into an impressive golf resort. The unique landscape of captivating red fields and beautiful golf courses make Streamsong Resort a little-known golf destination in Florida.

4. Sand Valley, Wisconsin

Sand Valley in Wisconsin is an emerging golf course that has attracted the attention of golf lovers around the world. With beautiful golf holes set in a landscape of vast fields and hilltops, Sand Valley creates a fascinating and natural golf experience.

5. Sweetens Cove, Tennessee

If you’re looking for a completely different golf experience, head to Sweetens Cove in Tennessee. This golf course has a special and unique history with an essential style of play that does not require many facilities. Sweetens Cove is a place for you to show off your true golf talent without having to worry too much about infrastructure or rigid rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why should I explore lesser-known golf destinations in the United States?
Answer: Less-known golf destinations often offer unique and exciting golf experiences that are not as overcrowded and crowded as famous golf courses. You will have the opportunity to enjoy unique landscapes and new golf challenges.

Question 2: How to schedule a golf trip to lesser-known destinations?
Answer: You can book directly on the golf course’s website or through online golf booking services. Don’t forget to check the weather and golf course rules before starting.

Question 3: Is it necessary to bring my own golf equipment when visiting lesser-known golf destinations?
Answer: Usually you can rent golf equipment at golf courses. However, if you have your own equipment, you can bring it with you for more comfort and familiarity.

Question 4: Are there any lesser-known golf destinations near big cities?
Answer: Bandon Dunes near Portland, Oregon; Whistling Straits is located not far from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Streamsong Resort is located near Tampa, Florida. Therefore, you can easily combine a golf trip with visits to big cities.

Question 5: Besides golf, what is there to do in lesser-known golf destinations?
Answer: Besides golf, you can participate in other outdoor activities such as fishing, mountain climbing, or even touring the surrounding area to learn more about the local culture.


Golf is a great sport and the United States offers many opportunities for you to enjoy this hobby. In addition to famous golf courses, lesser-known golf destinations in the United States offer a unique experience and the discovery of exciting golf treasures. You can enjoy the natural surroundings at Bandon Dunes, experience the extraordinary landscape at Whistling Straits, or explore Streamsong Resort and Sweetens Cove. Don’t hesitate, bag your golf clubs and set out to explore the “hidden gems” of golf in the United States.
Try changing your perspective on golf and explore lesser-known golf destinations in the United States. Experiencing golf at these places will make you love this sport even more and at the same time relax in the beautiful natural landscape of the United States.
Plan your golf trip to one of America’s lesser-known golf destinations. Don’t hesitate to challenge yourself and discover memorable moments on the golf course, while enjoying the stunning landscapes and unique culture of each location. Golf in the United States is not just about famous golf courses, but also about memorable experiences and genuine passion.

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