Dreamy East Sea: Enjoy Impressive Golf in Connecticut


How to enjoy a long day on the golf course with the blue East Sea as your backdrop? Connecticut, one of the perfect states of the United States, offers you a unique and wonderful golf experience amidst majestic natural scenery. In this article, we’ll guide you through Connecticut’s impressive golf courses and share tips for truly enjoying an unforgettable day of golf.

Discover Beautiful Scenes and Special Features When Playing Golf

1. Shennecossett State Park Golf Course

Specially located on the shore of Long Island Sound, the Shennecossett State Park golf course is a great choice for those who love golf and the sea. Be prepared to be surprised by the fact that you can see the sea while playing. Beat the ocean breeze and welcome the bright sunshine as you play from tee to green.

2. Great River Golf Club Golf Course

Great River Golf Club is not only famous for its stunning scenery but also for the professionalism of its golf course. This is where you have the opportunity to challenge yourself and sublimate with the sea. Here, you will feel encouraged by the beautiful landscape and by playing golf with fellow enthusiasts.

3. Fox Hopyard Golf Course

Fox Hopyard is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Connecticut. With its location on the banks of the Connecticut River and attractive course design, this is truly a golfer’s paradise. If you are looking for a golf course separate from daily life and immersed in the nature of the East Sea, Fox Hopyard is a good choice.

4. Water’s Edge Resort & Spa Golf Course

If you want to experience the feeling of a luxury golf course in the middle of the ocean, Water’s Edge Resort & Spa is the place you need to go. This is not only a golf course but also a high-class resort center, where you can enjoy comfortable space and perfect service after finishing your round of play.

5. Stonington Country Club Golf Course

Stonington Country Club is an option for those who want a golf experience with history and tradition. This course has a classic and beautiful style down to every fairway. What’s special here is the peace and quiet of the sea, making the round an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I schedule and register for a round at golf courses in Connecticut?
Answer: To schedule and register for a round, you should visit each golf course’s official website or contact them directly. Summer is often peak time, so it’s a good idea to book in advance to ensure you get a suitable spot.

Question 2: What do you need to prepare before playing golf in Connecticut?
Answer: Make sure you are prepared with enough golf clubs, golf shoes, and appropriate uniforms. Check the weather conditions and bring water and a mask if needed.

Question 3: How to enjoy the East Sea while playing golf?
Answer: Relax and enjoy the scenery. Playing golf with the sound of ocean waves and sea breeze is a unique experience. Make sure you take beautiful pictures to preserve the memories.

Question 4: Which golf courses in Connecticut are suitable for beginners?
Answer: If you are new to golf, you can look to Shennecossett State Park or Stonington Country Club, with its peaceful and friendly environment.

Question 5: Are there special services or golf packages included at beach golf courses?
Answer: Beach golf courses in Connecticut often offer golf packages with spa, resort, and restaurant services. If you want to enjoy luxury, you can consider packages at Water’s Edge Resort & Spa.


Connecticut is not only famous for its beautiful East Sea views but also for its classy golf courses. Playing golf here is not only enjoying your favorite sport but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in majestic nature. Get ready to take your golf journey to Connecticut.
If you are passionate about golf and love the sea, Connecticut is the ideal destination. The golf courses here are not only beautiful but also create great conditions for a unique golf experience. Take your golf trip to Connecticut and immerse yourself in the beautiful East Coast nature.
Schedule and book your golf trip in Connecticut today. Prepare your gear and enjoy the fun of golf and the majestic East Sea view here. Connecticut awaits you with unforgettable golf experiences.

Thank you for reading our blog! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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