Distinguishing Between Stroke Play and Match Play


Golf, a traditional and aristocratic sport, always attracts people who love sports and challenges. Even if you’re not a golf enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the two main ways to play the sport: Stroke Play and Match Play. These types of competitions not only have differences in scoring but also create a completely different golf experience. Join me as we explore the differences between Stroke Play and Match Play, and learn why each is so appealing.

Explore Two Unique Types of Golf Competition

1. Stroke Play: The Battle With Yourself

Stroke Play, also known as Medal Play, is one of the popular forms of competition in golf. Here, each golfer’s goal is to complete 18 golf holes with the fewest number of strokes. Your final score is the total number of holes you hit for each hole. For example, if you play a hole in 4 shots, your score for that hole is 4. The winner is the person with the lowest score after completing the round.

A notable point about Stroke Play is the competition with oneself. You don’t need to care about your opponents. The important thing is that you try to do the best you can to reduce your losses.

2. Match Play: One-on-One Competition

Match Play, in contrast to Stroke Play, focuses on a confrontation between two players or two teams of players. Here, your goal is to win the hole instead of the total score. This means you can lose many holes and still win the match if you are good enough.

Match Play creates an intensely competitive environment where each hole can change the game. You can see players fighting with shaky hands to win an important hole, even though they have played worse overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to calculate points in Stroke Play?
Answer: In Stroke Play, you score by recording the number of holes for each hole and then adding them up. The person with the lowest score wins.

Question 2: How to win in Match Play?
Answer: In Match Play, you win by winning more holes than your opponent. If you win a hole, you get a point. The person with the most points wins the match.

Question 3: How to decide what type of competition to play?
Answer: Choosing between Stroke Play and Match Play depends on your goals and preferences. If you want to challenge yourself and calculate your total score, choose Stroke Play. If you want to experience the feeling of confrontation and one-on-one combat, choose Match Play.

Question 4: Who are the famous golfers who favor Stroke Play?
Answer: Many famous golfers such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus often prefer Stroke Play, because they can actively compete with themselves and track their progress hole by hole.

Question 5: Who are the famous golfers who favor Match Play?
Answer: Famous golfers such as Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesteros are often known for their preference for Match Play because they enjoy the pressure of playing head-to-head and trying to beat an opponent each hole.


Stroke Play and Match Play are two exciting types of competition in golf, each offering a unique experience and different competition. Stroke Play focuses on hole totals, while Match Play creates a one-on-one match-up hole after hole. Choosing between the two depends on your goals and preferences. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran golfer, understanding the differences between them will help you enjoy the great sport of golf more.
Golf is not only a technical and expensive sport, but also an art of competition and patience. Distinguishing between Stroke Play and Match Play is an important part of understanding the sport. Try both types of competitions to experience the challenges and different feelings they bring.
If you’ve never tried either type of competition, start now. Find a golf course near you and enjoy the fun of golf in both Stroke Play and Match Play. Please share this article with your golfer friends so they can also have the opportunity to explore this interesting difference. Wishing you fun and enjoyable rounds on the golf course!

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