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Nowadays, convenience and accuracy are key for every serious golfer. In the world of golf full of pitfalls, the DEASON Golf Rangefinder with Slope shines as a multitasking machine, helping you easily measure distance and make smart decisions. Join me in discovering why this product is taking the golf community by storm.

DEASON Golf Rangefinder with Slope: Beat Any Distance on the Golf Course

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DEASON Golf Rangefinder with Slope is a masterpiece of engineering and design, conquering every golfer from beginners to professionals. With the ability to measure distances up to 1,300 yards and the Slope feature, this device becomes a powerful companion on the golf course.


  • [FURTHER RANGING & HIGH PRECISION] As golf accessories, the Deason golf rangefinder provides extended distances of up to 1,300 yards. with an impressive accuracy of ±0.5 yards (Yard/Meter unit switch), response time <0.3s, Golf Rangefinder featuring an HD LCD optics Lens, with 7x magnification. Enjoy a clearer and more detailed view of your target.
  • [SLOPE MODE & TOURNAMENT MODE] In slope mode, you can measure the current incline angle and display the compensating distance by golf range finder, making it easy for your perfect shot and improving your competitive performance. In tournament mode, you can turn off the slope compensation feature, and the LED light will turn red, The Golf Rangefinder allows you to participate in tournaments legitimately.
  • [6 MODES & 4 SCENARIOS] One-click shot for flag-locking, quick distance readings, and vibration feedback. Choose from 6 modes: slope compensation, flag lock, horizontal and height measurement, speed measurement, and continuous scanning. Range finder for golf, hunting (as a range finder for hunter), industrial measurement, etc.Golf distance finder, golf gifts for men.
  • [LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE WITH USB-C CHARGING] Range Finder Equipped with a powerful 750mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy up to 30,000 clicks on a single charge, and hassle-free battery replacement. The Golf Rangefinder’s intelligent power-saving feature automatically shuts down after 15 seconds of inactivity.
  • [ULTRA-POWERFUL MAGNET & IP54 GRADE] Range finder built-in strong magnets for easy attachment to golf carts or clubs and comes with a belt clip and a portable carrying case for added convenience, all efforts are made to free up your hands. Our rangefinders for golfing are anti-splash and fog-resistant, Golf Rangefinder allowing you to confidently play in rainy conditions.
  • [2-Year After-Sales Support & 24-Hour Customer Service Online] Deason Golf Rangefinder offers you a 2-year unconditional warranty and lifetime technical support. If you have any operational issues or other questions about this rangefinder, please refer to the user manual or contact our customer service support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Are special techniques required to use the DEASON Golf Rangefinder?
Answer: No need, DEASON is easy to use with a single button to measure distance and display information on the screen.

Question 2: How does the Slope affect my golf experience?
Answer: Slope helps you make smarter decisions about which club to use based on the slope of the terrain.

Question 3: Can DEASON be used in all weather conditions?
Answer: Yes, this product is waterproof and anti-fog, allowing you to complete the round even in inclement weather conditions.

Question 4: How durable is DEASON’s battery?
Answer: The built-in lithium battery can be used continuously for many rounds without recharging.

Question 5: Does DEASON have a warranty?
Answer: Yes, the product comes with a 12-month warranty, ensuring you peace of mind when using it.


DEASON Golf Rangefinder with Slope, a golf laser rangefinder with a capability of up to 1,300 yards, is not simply a distance measuring tool, but also a smart companion on the golf course. With its compact design, unparalleled precision, and Slope feature, DEASON promises the ultimate golf experience.
DEASON Golf Rangefinder with Slope is an excellent choice for every golfer, from beginners to pros. The combination of precision, smart Slope features, and ergonomic design make this product an indispensable tool on the golf course. Don’t let distance be an obstacle, trust DEASON to improve your level and experience golf most optimally.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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