CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope for Golf & Hunting Review


Today, convenience and accuracy are the deciding factors in every golf and target hunting experience. CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope has conquered the market with its ability to accurately measure distances and integrate unique smart features. In this review, we will explore this product in detail to understand why it makes the ideal companion for golf lovers and target hunters.

CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope: Elevating Your Golf and Target Hunting Experience

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1. Overall Assessment

CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope is more than just an ordinary distance measuring tool. With the ability to integrate terrain and slope data, it provides detailed information so players can make the most accurate decisions. This device possesses a modern design and waterproof material, ensuring durability and stability in all weather conditions.

2. Distance Measurement Performance

With advanced laser technology, CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope is capable of quickly and accurately measuring distances between 5 and 1000 yards. Continuous distance measurement mode provides continuous information, helping players easily monitor changes in the environment.

3. Slope Feature

CoxiVision’s tilt feature is unique and few other products can compete. It not only measures distance but also calculates incline and provides distance adjustments based on the slope of the terrain. This brings great benefits to golfers and those involved in target-hunting activities.

4. Image Quality and Display

CoxiVision’s clear and sharp display makes reading easy even in strong sunlight. The image quality of the device is highly appreciated, helping users identify targets quickly and accurately.

5. Battery and Durability

With a built-in lithium battery, the CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope has impressive battery life. The device automatically turns off after a period of non-use, helping to save energy. Waterproof and shockproof materials are also factors that add to the product’s durability.

6. Quick Scan Feature

One of the unique features of CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope is its ability to scan quickly. This device is capable of scanning targets in a short period, providing accurate information about distance and inclination instantly. This increases flexibility in changing goals and ensures that players have enough data to make quick decisions.

7. Smartphone Connection

CoxiVision is not only a standalone device but also can connect to a smartphone via a special application. This opens up a new world of utility, allowing users to review historical data, share results, and even receive new software updates without being connected to a computer.

8. Ergonomic Design

The design of the CoxiVision Rangefinder is not only modern but also very ergonomic. The buttons are placed logically so that users can access them easily without having to take their eyes off the viewfinder. The device’s weight and small size also make it convenient to carry around, enhancing the usage experience.

9. Quality Warranty

CoxiVision is committed to customers by providing a quality warranty policy. The certainty of renewal and repair increases the longevity of the product, provides peace of mind to the user, and is a solid sign of CoxiVision’s quality.

10. Multitasking for Golf and Target Hunting

Unlike many rangefinders that focus on a specific application, the CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope is designed for multitasking. This means that it is not only a useful tool for golfers but also a great assistant for those who love target hunting. This multitasking makes the product unique and valuable to a wide user base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can CoxiVision be used in extreme weather conditions?
Answer: With waterproof and shockproof material, the CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope can operate effectively in all weather conditions.

Question 2: How does the Slope feature help golfers?
Answer: The loft feature calculates the slope of the terrain, providing an adjustable distance so golfers can choose the right angle and club.

Question 3: Is CoxiVision’s display suitable for strong sunlight conditions?
Answer: Yes, the display is clear and sharp for easy reading even in strong sunlight.

Question 4: Can the device’s battery last a long time?
Answer: With a lithium battery and auto shut-off mode, CoxiVision has impressive battery life and is energy efficient.

Question 5: Is it possible to measure distance quickly and accurately in all situations?
Answer: With advanced laser technology, CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope is capable of measuring distances accurately from 5 to 1000 yards.


The CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope is more than just a distance-measuring tool but is a powerful ally for golfers and target-hunting enthusiasts. Slope features, accurate distance measurement performance, good display screens, and incredible durability are the strengths that this product brings. CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope elevates the experience, turning every shot and target into a special moment.
If you are a golf or target-hunting enthusiast, the CoxiVision Rangefinder with Slope is a smart investment. With a combination of advanced technology and smart features, this product accompanies you in every game, helping you make the right decisions and improve your skills. CoxiVision is more than just a rangefinder, it’s the perfect companion for every gamer.

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