Bushnell Tour V6 / Tour V6 Shift Golf Rangefinder Bundle


On the never-ending journey to achieving perfection on the golf course, an excellent rangefinder can be an important companion. Bushnell, with the Tour V6 and Tour V6 Shift Golf Rangefinder Bundle product lines, promises to bring the ultimate experience to golfers everywhere. Join us to discover why this product is considered the “secret weapon” of golf enthusiasts.

The Pinnacle of Golf Technology: Bushnell Tour V6 / Tour V6 Shift Golf Rangefinder Bundle Review

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1. Highlight: Peak Performance

The Bushnell Tour V6 and Tour V6 Shift are not just ordinary rangefinders, they are truly multi-tasking tools with top performance. The PinSeeker feature not only helps determine the exact distance to the target but also ensures that you never miss a flag. Plus with JOLT technology, every time you focus is accompanied by a gentle vibration, creating an experience of enjoying every moment on the field.

2. Optimal Design: Light and Easy to Use

With their lightweight, the Bushnell Tour V6 and Tour V6 Shift don’t put a burden on your golf bag. The clear and easy-to-read display makes it easy to read information even in difficult lighting conditions. The focus speed adjustment button is conveniently located, helping you quickly adapt to all situations on the field.

3. Unique Shift Feature: Optimal Performance in Any Light

The Tour V6 Shift Edition is not only an improvement in performance but also a remarkable step forward in adapting to different lighting conditions. The Shift feature automatically adjusts the display’s brightness, ensuring you can see information clearly even as the sun rises or sets.

4. Lithium Battery: Long-term Companion

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery in the middle of an important round of golf. With durable lithium batteries, the Bushnell Tour V6 and Tour V6 Shift give you peace of mind to use for many consecutive rounds of golf without worrying about needing to replace the battery.

5. Adjustable Focus Speed: Flexible for Every Situation

Adjusting focus speed is an important factor to ensure you can quickly and accurately focus on your target. The Bushnell Tour V6 and Tour V6 Shift give you the flexibility to adjust this speed, creating a personalized and versatile experience.

6. Explore Deeper: User Reviews

To get a more comprehensive view of the user experience, we gathered opinions from the golf community. Users not only praise the product’s precision and performance but also appreciate its ability to adapt to all weather and lighting conditions.
Bushnell Tour V6 / Tour V6 Shift Golf Rangefinder Bundle is not simply a product, but a perfect experience for golf enthusiasts. Make them your powerful partner on every golf hole and discover the difference they make to your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is the Rangefinder waterproof?
Answer: Yes, both Tour V6 and Tour V6 Shift versions are water resistant, giving you confidence to use in all weather conditions.

Question 2: How long distances can be measured?
Answer: The Bushnell Tour V6 and Tour V6 Shift are capable of measuring distances up to 1,000 yards, ensuring you have all the information you need on the course.

Question 3: How durable is the rangefinder battery?
Answer: With a long-lasting lithium battery, you can use the rangefinder for multiple rounds of golf without worrying about running out of battery.

Question 4: What is JOLT technology and how does it help in measuring distance?
Answer: JOLT technology enhances the distance measuring experience by creating a gentle vibration when the target is in focus, ensuring you get every piece of information accurately.

Question 5: Can the rangefinder adapt to different lighting conditions?
Answer: Yes, the Tour V6 Shift features a Shift feature that optimizes performance in all lighting conditions, from dawn to dusk.


Bushnell Tour V6 / Tour V6 Shift Golf Rangefinder Bundle is not only a distance measuring tool, but also a golfer’s effective partner in every journey on the course. With excellent accuracy, a unique Shift feature, and a convenient design, this is the perfect choice for golf enthusiasts looking to improve their game and experience.
Bushnell Tour V6 / Tour V6 Shift Golf Rangefinder Bundle is more than just a tool, it’s the perfect combination of technology and design, helping you overcome every challenge on the golf course. Don’t let yourself be left behind, experience it now and feel the difference!

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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