Blue Tees Golf, Series 2 Pro Plus with Laser Rangefinder


Golf is not just a game, but also a challenging artistic experience. With the launch of the Series 2 Pro Plus with Laser Rangefinder from Blue Tees Golf, determining distance and improving performance on the golf course becomes a great experience. This review will take you through a detailed exploration of this product, providing an in-depth look at the features and benefits it brings to the professional golfer.

Detailed Review of Blue Tees Golf – Series 2 Pro Plus with Laser Rangefinder

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1. Enjoy Every Shot: Defeat Every Challenge

With the Series 2 Pro Plus, Blue Tees Golf has created not only a distance-measuring tool but also a powerful assistant for professional golfers. Not only will you gain distance information, but you’ll also experience a greater sense of confidence in the course. Its flexible design allows you to focus entirely on your shot, without worrying about measuring distance or club pricing.

2. Creativity in Every Perspective: Laser Rangefinder Technology

Laser Rangefinder technology on Series 2 Pro Plus is not just a feature, but an opportunity for golfers to seize every opportunity on the course. For difficult courses, this technology helps you determine the exact distance with high accuracy, thereby optimizing your playing strategy and enhancing your ability to seize opportunities.

3. Smart Companion: Modern User Interface

Exploring Series 2 Pro Plus is not just about learning about technology, but also about experiencing a smart and modern user interface. Features such as an automatic brightness display, easy-to-read control panel, and battery notification help optimize the usage experience and provide maximum user comfort.

4. Waterproof and Resilient: Face All Weather

The Series 2 Pro Plus’s IPX4 water resistance is an important feature, ensuring that whether you’re facing rain or golf course water, your equipment will perform as it always has. This increases the product’s practicality and durability, placing it at the top of the list of high-quality golf equipment.

5. Explore More, More: Connect and Interact

With an integrated USB connection port, Series 2 Pro Plus is not only a distance measuring tool but also a bridge connecting to other devices. You can easily share data and update software to ensure that you always have the latest updates. This allows you to stay connected to important information sources and enjoy the benefits of using a smart product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Series 2 Pro Plus suitable for new golfers?
Answer: Of course, whether you’re a new or professional golfer, the Series 2 Pro Plus will provide the information you need to improve your swing. User-friendly interface and easy-to-use features make this product an ideal companion on the golf course.

Question 2: Is it water resistant?
Answer: With IPX4 water resistance, Series 2 Pro Plus can withstand the harsh weather environments that golfers often face.

Question 3: How to replace the battery?
Answer: Changing batteries is easy with the Series 2 Pro Plus’s quick and convenient battery compartment design.

Question 4: Is there a built-in connection port?
Answer: Yes, this product has a USB connection port, making it easy to recharge the battery without having to remove it.

Question 5: Does Series 2 Pro Plus have a warranty?
Answer: Sure! Blue Tees Golf commits to a long-term product warranty, ensuring peace of mind for users.


With the Series 2 Pro Plus, Blue Tees Golf has created a unique and powerful product that provides a great golf experience for every golfer. From its classy design to its precise Laser Rangefinder feature, this is a big step forward in optimizing performance on the golf course. For those who want to improve their skills and enjoy golf at a new level, the Series 2 Pro Plus is the perfect choice.
The combination of sophisticated design and advanced technology has made the Series 2 Pro Plus an indispensable part of a true golfer’s collection. Explore Blue Tees Golf, and experience the difference it makes to your golf game.

Thank you for reading our Review! I hope you have a great experience when enjoying and loving the sport of golf.

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